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Airplane Etiquette is very important to some, but not to others.  It may be culture differences clashing in an enclosed capsule. On longer flights I personally tend to notice little things if they persist for the duration of a flight.  Things that can drive me mad!

First, even before boarding the aircraft, some people just seem to go on the idea of if you get there first you win! Wrong! Most airlines seem to have a set boarding process and it is not the first person to the ticket agent is boarded first! Airlines often board by ticket class, grouping, or seat number.  People should take note and not prevent the rightfully boarding passengers.

Next when boarding the aircraft why do people feel inclined to stand in the aisle preventing others to pass? It seems as though they are looking to pull out a full library of books from their bag or something significant!  Why do people have more carryon luggage than I do in checked baggage & carryon combined?? Please move in out of the aisle and wait for a break in people traffic.

Fellow passengers should not relocate my bag to another overhead storage bin. I am fine with flight crew doing this as they manage the aircraft, but a passenger should not be touching my property to relocate. Hands off!

If your family was not able to book all your seats together please do not take my ticketed seat and then act stupid.  I think most people choose their seat for a reason and the last assigned seats are just taken because they have no choice.  Please do not sit in my ticketed seat!

When sitting in an economy seat please do learn your perimeter of free motion.  Please do not persistently hit me with your elbows! No food service exemption on this rule either.  I have been much larger (height & wing span) than all sitting next to me and I don’t hit them with my elbows, that is, unless they are in my seat space. Then I do that intentionally! 😉

When leaving the plane please do not push your way in front of other passengers.  It will not make a huge time difference for you! It is just rude and irritating! I had one lady try to use a small boy as a wedge to get in front of me!  She had him walk up under me in line and then tried to follow him to get in front of me.  A member of flight crew saw this and told the passenger to not do that! You would think common sense, right??

Some of this maybe news to some as to what is acceptable and not….


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