Best Travel and Fitness Products of 2022!

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Best Travel Fitness Products of 2022!

Keeping fit is something you have to work at. Your schedule may not permit you to hit the gym or do your home routine. You need to stay motivated and resourceful while on the road. Body weight exercises are great, but may not always be enough. Your Thailand holiday does not mean you have to sacrifice your good health practices.

Finding something compact, lightweight for easy transport in your travel bag is the challenge. It also needs to be effective and work multiple muscle groups.

We have found some items that fit this bill that will provide a good collection of exercises to build strength and burn calories.

While there are certainly other products to be added to the mix and there are new ones always coming to market, the items featured here are a great base to staying fit on the road!

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Fitness Products

When it comes to versatility and ease of transport, a nice set of resistance bands is hard to beat. They are available in sets that have bands of varying resistance levels for different exercises and fitness levels.

This set set of 5 bands come color coded with resistance levels from x-light to x-heavy. It comes with a handy storage bag for easy transport. These are sold at a very affordable price!

If your main focus is your legs and glutes then maybe a more heavy duty set of bands is for you! Great exercise ideas and instruction can be found all over the web featuring this type of exercise band.

This 3 band set of non-slip extra durable exercise bands are a great length for wrapping around your legs and quads for nice resistance training. These bands will be more comfortable wrapped around you while working the resistance firming up your target areas. These come in light, medium, and heavy resistance ratings for different abilities and for doing nice pyramid sets.

The next step up in resistance bands is a great set of pull-up bands. These are very versatile and can be used for a large variety of exercises (not just pull-up assist!). These bands are generally longer and have a wider range of weight resistance. You can easily work all the major muscle groups with a set of these. Legs, arms, back, chest, and abdominal. You can find endless ways to use these on Youtube videos and fitness blogs. They don’t weigh a lot, but you can always just take a few along when you travel.

This 5 band set is rated with resistance levels from 5lbs to 170lbs. You can always combine using multiple bands to increase resistance. These durable bands come with a lifetime warranty with a free replacement policy!

Nutrition is important in healthy lifestyle. Often times people will increase their current good nutrition habits with supplementation. Travel is no longer an excuse or an obstacle to miss out on your supplements!

This BPA free shaker cup comes with convenient storage compartments in the bottom. Take your protein powder, BCAA’s, electrolytes, creatine, or other supplements with you on the road. You don’t have to haul around a multiple serving container when you need less.

Bonus Weight/Fat Loss Tip!

If your goal is to lose fat or lose weight you need to be mindful of your caloric intake. The old, but true saying goes “you can’t out-train a bad diet” still applies while on the road. You can be crushing it at the gym, but you will not get the results you want if you are not eating properly.

One great way to track your food intake is to use a fitness app to track calories. A great one that has a free version as well as a paid version with extra features is Myfitness Pal. Available on Android and Apple smartphones, you can easily determine what your calorie intake should be to reach your goals. Once you have set this up after answering a few questions about your lifestyle, you can easily enter your food as you consume it during the day. Myfitnesspal has a barcode scanner that can be used to enter in pre-packaged food. There is already a library of verified food items (including restaurants!) that you can search and add to your daily food tracking. Last, but not least, you can also enter in your custom homemade recipes.

Myfitnesspal, fit app, travel app, calorie counting

You can also enter in your daily excercise routines with Myfitness Pal. The app will take those calories burned and net them out against your daily food intake to give you a more accurate view of your calorie intake vs burning.

Equipped with these items, the modern traveler can maintain a healthy lifestyle!