CNN Made up News 1


CNN is proving once again with its coverage of Malaysian Flight 370 that CNN does not care if their information is accurate as long as they report it first. On the CNN website the Malaysian Flight 370 has been “Breaking News” for two weeks now. Two weeks!  We understand that most people are interested in what happened to the flight, but CNN is not offering up much new news that is accurate. CNN Newsroom host raising the possibility of a supernatural explanation is a true sign of a news source not having much news to report! CNN made up news.

Another big news story that CNN was more interested in reporting rather than reporting facts was the Boston Marathon Bombings.  CNN rushed to report inflated casualty numbers which very much seems like a shameful attempt to boost their ratings.

Some say bad attention is better than no attention, but can a reputation of making up news be good for a company that is expected to deliver facts?



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