Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Thailand Taxi Share?
Thailand Taxi Share is intended to bring travelers together to save money on taxi’s!

Why pay the full rate when you can pay half?

There are also other bits of info that may be of use or interest to you also.

Do I need to join Thailand Taxi Share?
No. You do not need to join, but you do need to leave your email in the form when placing an

add in order for you to be contacted by another traveler.

Will my email be kept private?
Yes! You will receive alerts through Thailand Taxi Share and not directly from other travelers.

Does it cost any money to post an ad on Thailand Taxi Share?
No. The service is FREE!

Does Thailand Taxi Share have any affiliation with a taxi company or car service?
No. Thailand Taxi Share has no affiliation with any taxi company or car service.