Honest Pattaya Taxi Driver returns laptop and passport to Korean Tourist 1

[PattayaOneNews] Khun Pasat aged 52 has been declared one of Pattaya’s most honest Taxi Drivers after he returned a Laptop Computer and personal documents to a Korean Tourists who had earlier hired the taxi in North Pattaya.

Two Koreans were picked-up by the Taxi at the North Pattaya Bus Terminal and were taken to the Pullman Aisawan Hotel in Soi Wongamat.

At the end of Khun Pasat’s shift, he returned the Taxi to his company’s compound and while cleaning the vehicle he saw the bag containing the laptop computer and two expired passports belonging to one of the Korean passengers, on the back seat.

Khun Pasat took the bag to Pattaya Police Station and by chance, the two Koreans were there, so the bag was reunited with its rightful owner, Mr. Jun Hyeok Son aged 37. He thanked the taxi driver and praised his integrity which was rewarded with a small tip after the bag was handed-over.

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