Pattaya Thailand Attractions

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Pattaya Thailand Attractions

Pattaya City is a city of a population of over 120,000. Pattaya, a beach side city, is a not so long drive from Bangkok. A car ride to Pattaya is usually around 1.5-2 hours depending on traffic and the driver. Many prefer Pattaya over Bangkok as it offers many options for food and leisure without the big city traffic and prices. Pattaya also has a wide variety of accommodations from value to luxury pricing.

Though Pattaya does not have an established railway or subway system, there are no problems in getting around. There are many available affordably priced baht buses (pick-up trucks with covered bench seating in the back) run routes around the main parts of the city. Some baht buses can also be hired at a higher cost to bring you to specific locations off the main routes. If baht buses are not quick and direct enough for you, there are many taxi’s and motorbike taxi’s available for hire. If you are a walker, Pattaya is a walkable city also.

Baht Bus, Pattaya, Transportation, beach city
Baht Bus – Pattaya

Below are categories of attractions that are often of interest. Impossible to capture everything in one post. There may be other options in each of these categories. With the changing landscape of new businesses coming and going there always seems to be many options. This list will give you some ideas of what options are on offer in Pattaya City and surrounding area. Links have been added to photo captions when possible so you can do more direct research if you desire.


When it comes to shopping in Pattaya, there are many options. What better way to beat the heat than strolling through an air conditioned shopping mall! If shopping is not our thing, take in one of the latest big screen hit movies in the refreshingly air cooled movie theaters found throughout the shopping plazas. Grab a bite to eat at one of their food courts or restaurants with culinary offerings from around the world.

Sight Seeing

Pattaya has much to offer when it comes to sight seeing. Book a tour or ask your hotel reception for options. A few to consider are: Mini Siam, Nong Nooch Garden, and Sanctuary of Truth (pictured below).

Sanctuary of Truth, carved building, buddha
Sanctuary of Truth
Sanctuary of Truth, attraction
Sanctuary of Truth


Pattaya is full of dining options. From delicious street food to top-notch steak house food. Restaurants and food carts can be found throughout the city. In the lesser traveled areas as well as in the shopping malls. Chain restaurants as well as 1 of a kind gems. Too many to name and rank. You will have to decide for yourself. Below are a few of the more popular eating establishments in town.


Being a year round hot climate and a popular holiday location, it goes without say that Pattaya and surrounding area has many options for golfers.

Burapha Golf Club, golf course
Burapha Golf Club Resort

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Walking Street has long been what comes to mind when you think about Pattaya, but more recently much of the exciting nightlife had spread to places like Soi LK Metro and Soi Buakhao.

Walking Street, Pattaya, Nightlife, gogo bars, disco, clubbing, dj, restaurant, brick road, live music
Soi LK Metro, Nightlife, new, party, social

If nightlife is your thing, you may find some current events posted on the website or the Clubbing Thailand Facebook Page.

Clubbing Thailand, Events, Walking Street, DJ, EDM, Nightlife, clubbing

Pattaya has many nightclubs and the choice changes over time. Below is a sample of some (not all) of the current offerings.


Pattaya is home to many great festivals each year. A couple of the highly anticipated festivals each year are the Fireworks Festival and Pattaya Music festival. The city having lots of beach front property makes for a scenic backdrop for festivals.

Fireworks Festival, event, night
Pattaya Fireworks Festival

If electronic music festivals are your thing, Pattaya has hosted a number of these also. These dj festivals are bringing in some of the biggest names in the industry to perform. A few of the festivals that have taken place in Pattaya are Maya Music Festival, 808 Festival, Songkranzonic, Knock Knock, and Warp Music festival to name a few. For the latest upcoming electronic music festivals check out and Thailand DJ Festivals Facebook page.

Thailand DJ Festivals, EDM, Live Event, Tickets, Pattaya, Bangkok

Water Parks

Getting bored with the hotel swimming pool(s) and love to spend time in the water? Pattaya has several water parks for people of all ages. Wake boarding is also on offer if that is your thing or just want to give it a go!


If you want structured tours Pattaya has that. You can ask your hotel reception or find tour booking agent booths around Pattaya. Pattaya Central is a well known transfer service and as a tour booking agent.

Spas, Fitness, and Recreation

Pattaya is a place where you can “get after it” or just relax. Pattaya has many spa’s and massage shops to meet your wishes or beauty treatment needs. Sauna’s, steam rooms, hot tubs, Thai massage, Swedish massage and more, Pattaya has it!

For those looking to get after it, there are gyms and training facilities around Pattaya that have you covered. Get your workout in or train in MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai and more.

If you have the need for speed, Pattaya has you covered!


Pattaya is a great place to stay for a short stay or a long stay. Day life and night life are both solid. An evolving city that always seem to have new options as new businesses give Pattaya a go. This post captured a very small sample of what is available. These examples are just the start of many options and activities that you can do in Pattaya.

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