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CNN is proving once again with its coverage of Malaysian Flight 370 that CNN does not care if their information is accurate as long as they report it first. On the CNN website the Malaysian Flight 370 has been “Breaking News” for two weeks now. Two weeks!  We understand that […]

CNN Made up News

WHETHER you’re the person who gives the airline amenity kit a cursory rummage before stowing it away or you drool over deluxe eye masks and luxury cosmetics, the first class amenity kit is an essential part of luxury flying. Amenity kits promote the airline’s brand image as well as promoting […]

The Best First Class Amenity Kits

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Airplane Etiquette is very important to some, but not to others.  It may be culture differences clashing in an enclosed capsule. On longer flights I personally tend to notice little things if they persist for the duration of a flight.  Things that can drive me mad! First, even before boarding […]

Airplane Etiquette