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Best Pattaya Hotels! Pattaya is one of the worlds best destinations with many hotels to consider. This list is a few of the best of the best!

Best Pattaya Hotels!

[Bangkok Post] The number of homeless Westerners is on the rise in Thailand and the government is poorly prepared to deal with the emerging social problem, a charity warned Monday. “We are starting to see more and more homeless foreigners, many of whom have separated from their Thai wives and […]

Homeless foreigners on the rise

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Dengue Fever is a problem in Thailand. Dengue Fever is transmitted by mosquito’s. Dengue Fever symptoms include, fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, and also skin rash. In rare cases Dengue Fever can lead to death. Even if not deadly, Dengue Fever can be very intense and require hospitalization so […]

Dengue Fever in Thailand

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A Beginners Mobile Phone Guide to Thailand In today’s world mobile phones are a must.  When you travel you don’t want to be without your mobile phone.  Thailand has great prices on Mobile phone service to those interested.  Often using your mobile phone from home will be very expensive unless […]

A Beginners Mobile Phone Guide to Thailand

It seems about once a month or more often there is an ATM skimming bust.  ATM Skimming is where a variety of different devices are placed on and or around an ATM machine to steal your ATM card information which will then lead to theft of your money. These devices […]

ATM Safety In Thailand

Hello World, Thailand Taxi Share is now live!  We realize that we still have much to do before we are satisfied with the website and will keep on working on it time permitting! With the popularity of Thailand growing there will be many opportunities to save money on taxis! Once […]

Thailand Taxi Share is Now Live!