[Phuket News] PHUKET: Pratuang Sornkham, Director of Airports of Thailand (AoT) in Phuket, and boss of the island’s airport, today revealed some of the airport’s plans for dealing with the taxi mess at the airport and other issues by introducing a system like the one used at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. […]

‘Suvarnabhumi-type system’ for Phuket airport taxis

[Bangkok Post] The Centre for Preventing and Suppressing Organised Crimes Targeting Tourists on Phuket has arrested the drivers of 434 vehicles carrying black licence plates, which are used as taxis, and charged them with vehicular misuse. Phuket governor Maitree Inthusut said the drivers of the illegal taxis were arrested during a […]

Phuket illegal taxis impounded

I am a picture taker.  I like to take as many photos when I can in Thailand as there is much to take in. I have posted a few of my pictures from past years in Thailand.  Hope you enjoy! Admin – TTS   <

Thailand Photo Gallery #1

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Dengue Fever is a problem in Thailand. Dengue Fever is transmitted by mosquito’s. Dengue Fever symptoms include, fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, and also skin rash. In rare cases Dengue Fever can lead to death. Even if not deadly, Dengue Fever can be very intense and require hospitalization so […]

Dengue Fever in Thailand

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A Beginners Mobile Phone Guide to Thailand In today’s world mobile phones are a must.  When you travel you don’t want to be without your mobile phone.  Thailand has great prices on Mobile phone service to those interested.  Often using your mobile phone from home will be very expensive unless […]

A Beginners Mobile Phone Guide to Thailand

It seems about once a month or more often there is an ATM skimming bust.  ATM Skimming is where a variety of different devices are placed on and or around an ATM machine to steal your ATM card information which will then lead to theft of your money. These devices […]

ATM Safety In Thailand

Travelling to Thailand catch your fancy? Here’s how you can, and on a limited budget too. Formerly Siam, now the Royal Kingdom of Thailand, is a popular travel destination for tourists across the world. Thick, green jungles, sparkling blue waters and exotic food; Thailand is a haven for backpackers and […]

Travel: Thailand in $500