Taxi drivers seek help over LPG


[Bangkok Post] Taxi drivers on Sunday announced they will hold a rally at the Royal Plaza to demand remedial measures from the government when the price of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in the transport sector is floated at the beginning of next month.

About 400-500 members of the Network of Taxi Operators are expected to show up at the Royal Plaza Monday.

“The network does not want to oppose the plan to float the LPG price, but the government should come up with some remedial measures to help affected operators. For example, the government launched energy credit cards to help taxi drivers using natural gas for vehicles (NGV) so that they received a 2-baht discount per kilo,” a statement from the network said.

When the price of LPG is floated, it will increase by 50 satang per kilo every month until it reaches 24–26 baht per kg from the current 13 baht.

The group will submit a letter to Government House and may petition the Ministry of Transportation to help them.

It will also ask the government to review its request, proposed two years ago, to increase the starting fare for all rides from 35 baht to 40 baht.

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