Thailand Tourist Courts The Solution?

Are Thailand tourist courts the Solution?

Thailand already has Tourist Police for Tourists, but this has not fixed the problem.  Do not get me wrong, I feel the chances of being treated fairer  are increased with the tourist least a little!

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Tourist courts are of the same mold as Tourist Police.  They are put in place to make tourists feel more at ease if a situation should arise… Most regular tourists to Thailand know that odds are against you if you have a dispute against a Thai and this is supposed to alleviate those fears.


On the surface this tourist court is a good move for Thailand, but really does not fix some of the ongoing problems. This is more window dressing for Thailand tourism.  If Thailand was serious about Tourist safety they would crack down on some of the well known scams like some Jet Ski rentals and Phuket Tuk Tuks for a start…  These two groups have notoriously ripped off tourists for many years. And in some cases they have assaulted tourists!  Money talks and apparently corrupt Jet Ski renters and Phuket Tuk Tuks are connected and pay someone to keep doing what they are doing.

Thailand need to realize that most regular tourists  see this new measure of tourists courts for what it is,  window dressing.


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